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Ascii art

Insert some text in the input box beelow and click on "Start!" to generate a tagline - which can be downloaded as test file clicking on the link "download figlet" wich will appear

More ascii art examples
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Images of the most originals images created till now:
Le immagini dei testi piu' originali


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Last addition: Sending files by mail with a click
Miscellanea: error pages section


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I registered the domain virgilio.org to my name - virgilio ferrini - many years ago, was a lazy morning of 1° May 1998 - but I never had truly the time to develop the site.

So foryears it has been an empty box , exept some realizations that came carried out, placed in a restricted area.

Some old public pages are still viewable on Wayback Machine

Now I have decided to put aim to this state of abandonment.